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Don’t Go New – GoNano!

One GoNano Shingle Treatment Can Extend the Life of Your Roof by 10-15 Years!

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  • Protect your roof from damage caused by hail, high winds, and more

  • Turn your 15-year shingle into a 30-year shingle

  • Get a 10-year warranty on your new roof treatment

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When's the Last Time You Upgraded Your Southern Colorado Home with a Roof Treatment?

You just finished patching your leaky roof. But didn’t you just fix a leak a few months ago? You don’t have time for this. It’s always so inconvenient, happening exactly when there’s no more room on your plate for anything else. Especially not an expensive roofing problem. By the way, didn’t you get a new roof recently? It should hold up better than this.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’ll deal with the next leak when it pops up. Or get one of those DIY roof treatment things. You don’t have the money to replace the whole roof or find an expensive roof solution. Patching as you go will just have to do.

But what if your roof doesn’t have to look like a patchwork quilt?

It’s time you GET PROACTIVE – NOT REACTIVE – about your roof maintenance, and get rid of those slow leaks for good. 

What if I told you that there's a way to seal the micro gaps in your roof, protecting them from becoming leaks? A product that will extend the life of your roof with only one permanent treatment? One that's resistant to UV rays, moisture intrusion, and organic growth?

You're skeptical, but this product actually exists. A roof shingle treatment that, after one application, will last the lifetime of your roof. AND extends the roof's lifespan by 10 to 15 years.

It’s not rocket science, it’s actually simple nanoscience. All your neighbors are doing it. This trend is sweeping across the country, especially in our Southern Colorado backyard. It’s time for you to get on the wagon and invest in the future of your home.

And hey, you're also investing in your FAMILY'S future. They live here too. They climb up there to retrieve the occasional home run ball. They look up with an appreciative smile when thunder rumbles and rain crashes down on your shingles. This home protects them.

Help your roof do its job shielding your family by giving it the support of GoNano.

“My roof was 12 years old and starting to show signs of wear. I didn't want to pay 9k+ to replace it so I decided to try Gonano. Wow! Now I see water beading on my roof, like when it was new!

-Andrew Walker, New Jersey

But What is GoNano?

  • Easy to maintain

  • Breathable

  • Drys in 4-6 hours and cures in 7 days

  • Permanent after one treatment 

  • Comes with a 10 or 15 Year Warranty (Based on the age of your roof)

  • Doesn't trap moisture

  • Exceptionally waterproof

  • Resistant to organic growth

  • Resistant to moisture intrusion

  • Resistant to UV Rays

GoNano is the Only Roof Shingle Treatment of Its Kind

GoNano is a savior for your shingles. Comfort for your concrete. Reinforcement for your roof. It’s the answer to all your roof maintenance pains. 

Once the nanoparticles have been applied to your roof, they bond with the aggregate and bitumen on the surface creating a hydrophobic shield. This nanoparticle shield freezes your roof in time by reducing aging speed by up to 68%, increasing resistance to weather, and outlasting other traditional sealants by years. GoNano knocks roof maintenance out of the park.

To get specific, GoNano’s shingle treatment is the world’s first clear nano-coating that penetrates your shingles at the molecular level to make them more durable.

It checks all the boxes for the perfect roof solution.

“I was hesitant to pay for Gonano because it was new and I couldn't believe it worked so well. Well, it’s been two years and I can say it exceeds my expectations! I find a lot less granules in my gutters and my shingles seem to have stopped aging! Can’t wait to see a Gonano treatment for siding!”

-Mandy Ward, Texas

A Roof Solution to Shield from Southern Colorado Weather

We’re proud to serve our Southern Colorado community and to enrich our neighbors’ lives with our high-end roof shingle treatment. 

We all know the Colorado weather can be fierce, especially around here.
  • Wind paired with heavy snow in the winter dries everything out, including your roof. 

  • Sunny days in the summer are wonderful for outdoor activities, but the UV rays bring aging effects to roof materials. 

  • Rain brings needed moisture to fight off wildfires, but with it comes hail that tears our gardens and roofs to shreds.

No one needs this simple roof solution more than the residents of Southern Colorado, where roof maintenance is the ultimate chore. 
Say goodbye to the roofing damaged by Southern Colorado hail. Wave farewell to cracking from sun exposure. Never worry about the heavy snow leaking into your home during a thaw. 
GoNano’s ultimate roof shingle treatment is here to rescue you from all that tedious roof maintenance.

“Sprayed my roof to extend its life. Great experience.”

-Jill Courtney, Southern Colorado

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GONANO's Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a roof shingle treatment from GoNano cost?

The actual retail price of your roof shingle treatment depends on a few factors, including the condition of the roof. Click any of the purple buttons on the site to schedule an estimate. We bet the number will be at least five times less than the cost of a full roof replacement

Is there a payment plan available for GoNano?

We’ve partnered with Hearth to help finance your roof maintenance dreams. They offer the convenience of monthly payment plans, making this a roof solution that won’t break the bank. Start with a 60-second pre-qualification – with no effect on your credit score – by clicking Get My Rates below.

FAQ image

Will my homeowner's insurance cover GoNano?

GoNano is currently working with several home insurance agencies to bring coverage to their customers for roof shingle treatments. Contact your home insurance agent to see if GoNano is covered by your policy.

Does my GoNano roof shingle treatment come with a warranty?

The limited warranty for our roof shingle treatment is unbeatable! It covers roofs that are 6-10 years old for 10 years, and roofs that are 1-5 years old for 15 years. We guarantee you’ll never experience delamination, flaking, chipping, or damage from UV exposure. If you plan on selling your home, the warranty is even fully transferable to the new owners.

Does the roof I want to treat need to be located in Southern Colorado? 

Here at GoNano Southern Colorado, we're only able to apply our roof shingle treatment to roofs in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. If you’re not sure if your home is in our service area, please contact us.

Can I use GoNano even if my roof doesn’t have traditional asphalt shingles? 

The nanoparticles in GoNano will seal the smallest micro gaps in almost any roofing material including shake shingles, tile, or concrete. For more fragile surfaces like tile and concrete, we require access to the roof in a way that we don’t have to step on the surface. We suggest a boom lift in these circumstances to assist in your roof solution.

Do I have to move my solar panels to apply the GoNano roof shingle treatment?

Typically, solar panels have enough clearance underneath that we can apply your roof shingle treatment without disturbing them.

Will this roof shingle treatment change the color of my roof?

It can. The extent depends on the age and color of your roof materials. GoNano will bring out the original colors of the shingles on an older roof, and tends to darken the shingles on a new roof. For some colors, like white, it’s not noticeable. The change is more apparent in other colors, like tan or grey. But no matter the age or color, it will leave your roof looking like new. 

Can GoNano be used to fix an already leaky roof?

Though Gonano is uniquely formulated to seal micro fissures and small gaps, it cannot be used to close large holes, cracks, or active leaks in the roof. These will need to be fixed by traditional means before applying our roof shingle treatment. Once the trouble spots are fixed and the treatment applied, the molecular process that happens inside the shingle will protect the roof from any further damage.

Can the GoNano roof shingle treatment be applied to sheds or commercial buildings?

We can treat roofs on garages, sheds, barns, shops, commercial buildings, and more. If you think a project is too big, too small, or too challenging, try us. We can do wonders with almost any roof.

Will GoNano still work if I have a flat roof? Or an oddly shaped roof?

The shape of the roof doesn’t matter unless it is a truly flat roof with no pitch. If the roof is completely flat with no pitch at all, we wouldn’t recommend our roof shingle treatment. Without proper drainage, water will collect and eventually damage the roof even with the extra protection of GoNano.

“Really surprised by the effectiveness of this treatment! The application was very quick and my roof almost immediately looked like new again. Thanks to the Gonano team!”

-Tony Moore, Wisconsin

Ready to Get Started With the GoNano Roof Shingle Treatment?

At GoNano, we’re prepared to take you on this journey right here in our Southern Colorado backyard. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help you take the next step. We’d love to hear from you!

If we’ve answered all your questions, fantastic! Let’s get rolling on your project. 

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